Our Mission

To produce thoughtful, quality wares that enable mobility, exploration and connectivity through human power. 

At Cycle Cats, we believe in cycling as a way of life. The bicycle is our answer to congested roads, stressful commutes, and poor urban air quality. We're interested in the needs of the every day cyclist, and we know that tiny jersey pockets just aren’t enough storage for your ride. That’s why we created our first SnackBar stem bags and custom frame bags. Suddenly our backs were unburdened, our snack capacity multiplied, and the bike made complete sense again! We hope that you’ll also appreciate the hard work we’ve put into our collection of bike bags and ride accessories, and that you too can enjoy the ride, practically and in style.

We specialize in waxed cotton canvas and are passionate about sustainability. We are always looking for new, greener sources, including natural and recycled fibers when possible. Most of our supplies come from within the USA, and we do our best to consider longevity and repairability of our products. We even offer repairs for other products when possible. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about our materials and process.

Open road, disappearing into forested hills. Montana