Who are we, and why do we do it?

Who are we, and why do we do it?

Hello and welcome to Cycle Cats! We are happy that you landed here.

Cycle Cats is a passion project based in Sacramento, CA, USA. We specialize in handmade bicycle bags with an interest in sustainability. We carefully design our products to be functional, yet simple and durable. This means choosing materials that will stand the test of time and avoiding overly complicated designs and features. We minimize the use of wearable components, such as zippers and velcro. We also consider the lifespan of our products and design them to be maintained and repaired as long as possible.

Cycle Cats was founded in 2016 by Brandon Cannon. Shopping for a cycling cap, Brandon was unsatisfied with the mass-produced options on the market, covered in corporate logos of racing sponsors. He found a pattern that he liked from Dill Pickle Project and set to work making 3-panel cycling caps. Soon enough, the first SnackBar feedbag was born, and its been a couple million stitches since! A few equipment upgrades and several more products have been added to our lineup. Everything we do is still designed, cut, sewn, and tested right here in Oak Park, Sacramento, CA.

Our mission hasn’t changed much since then. Every day we’re still motivated to produce small-batch, high quality bike and lifestyle bags. We believe in domestic manufacturing, fair wages, and transparency in the supply chain. We know that you’ll appreciate the work that goes into our products. Compare to the generic, low-priced bags on the market, and the difference is clear. Passion, not profit, fuels us every day.

Cheers, and don’t forget to Ride slow, Eat snacks!

Brandon Cannon

Cycle Cats

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  • Kurt Norstad

    I have a retro tek with a curved top tube
    I’m in Sac alot and wondering if I can bring my bike in and see what you can do

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