How to install your SnackBar stem bag

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How to install your SnackBar stem bag

Thank you for your purchase of a SnackBar stem bag by Cycle Cats! We consider this to be the number one essential bike bag for any journey, from commute to tour. Your SnackBar is your new co-pilot, keeping you hydrated, well fed, and securing your essentials right at hand.

Below we'll describe and show you how to install your SnackBar on your bicycle’s handlebar:

First, determine where you’d like to place your SnackBar. We recommend the tidy little corner between your handlebar and stem. Left or right side is your preference. Try to align the vertical daisy chain with your steerer tube.

Holding a SnackBar feedbag near the handlebar and stem to determine placement of straps.

Separate the 3 self-stick Velcro straps that were included with your SnackBar.

A SnackBar stem bag with velcro straps installed, ready to mount to the handlebar.

Place 1 strap through the vertical daisy chain and wrap it around your stem or steerer tube. Place the other 2 straps on the handlebar and/or stem to hold the bag upright. Place the soft fuzzy side against the metal if you wish to protect painted or anodized surfaces. **We cannot guarantee full protection though, as dirt and dust may still accumulate and abrade.

A SnackBar stem bag being fastened to the handlebar and stem of a bicycle, using the included velcro straps.

Adjust all straps to be snug, but not overly tight. Admire your handiwork and fill ‘er up! Use the drawcord to keep stuff in and water out, or tuck it down for a handy cup holder. For safety and best performance, you must use at least two straps, and preferably all three!

A SnackBar stem bag mounted to a bicycle handlebar. The top closure is being cinched upward, demonstrating the security of the bag's installation.

Your SnackBar can also be used on your waist belt, Bumm Bagg hip belt, backpack, or anywhere you want to put it! SnackBars can share straps with each other, as well as other bags.

How do you use your SnackBar stem bag?

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