How to install your Cycle Cats Framebag

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How to install your Cycle Cats Framebag

Thank you for your purchase of a Cycle Cats frame bag! We’re proud of our frame bags, and we know that you’ll find them useful for for years to come.

Below we'll describe and show you how to install your frame bag, both universal and custom:

First, determine where to mount your frame bag. If it’s a custom design, you should have a good idea where it will install. If its a universal design, hold it inside your frame to determine best placement. Consider things like water bottle position, convenience of access, and personal aesthetic.

Separate the self-stick Velcro straps that were included with your frame bag. Universal bags come with 6 straps in 2 lengths, while custom orders vary. Place at least 3 straps along the top tube daisy chain, spacing them out evenly. Aim for spacing of 4-5” between straps. Place the soft face of Velcro against sensitive paints or finishes. (This does not guarantee protection of finish! Use adhesive protectors in sensitive areas). **If the rough surface of the straps are bothersome, you may also place them against the bike, soft side out.**

Install frame bag on top tube. Continue adding straps at recommended intervals. Custom bags should use all included straps. Universal bags should have at least 4 total straps, attached to at least 2 frame tubes. Try to pass underneath exposed cables, and allow them to move freely. Use extra-long straps to reach where necessary. Get creative, and make it secure!


Adjust all straps to be snug, but not overly tight. Check that straps do not affect cable function, and adjust as necessary. Admire your handiwork and fill ‘er up! Strap tension and placement may affect some features such as hydration ports.

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